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City of Liverpool


Dock Link


Stanley Dock Branch


0-3 miles


Bootle to Melling
3-12 miles


Maghull to Burscough
12- 24 miles


Rufford Branch


Burscough to Wigan
24 - 34 miles


34 - 37 miles


Leigh Branch


Former Lancaster Canal South


Johnson's Hillock to Cherry Tree
47 - 54 miles


54-59 miles

Towpath Treks

 The Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Burscough to Wigan

There is plenty of interest on this stretch. There are World War Two defences, an old windmill, the remains of a dynamite factory and the aborted old line of the canal to Preston. The canal is kept company by the railway and the River Douglas. There are aqueducts and and the first (or last) locks on the main line. While bridges are numbered from Liverpool the lock number start in Leeds at the river lock.


City of Leeds


127.25 miles


Shipley to Leeds
115 -125 miles


Stockbridge to Shipley
109 -115 miles


Skipton to Stockbidge
99 - 109 miles


Gargrave to Skipton
93 -99 miles


Greenberfield to Gargrave
87 - 93 miles


Foulridge to Greenberfield
82-87 miles


Burnley Lane to Foulridge Tunnel
75 -82 miles


71-75 miles


Rishton, Church and Hapton
59 - 71 miles

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Leeds Liverpool Canal Maghull    
Junction Bridge Glovers Swing Bridge #33 Leeds Liverpool Canal Milepost Canal View
Junction Bridge
looking East

Glover's Swing Bridge #33

LPool 25
Leeds 102¼ Miles

Along the Canal near Burscough
Ring OBells pub Leeds Liverpool Canal Moss Bridge #35 Moss Bridge #35
Ring O'Bells Pill Box Moss Bridge #35 Moss Bridge #35
Canal Pill Box Spencers Swing Bridge #36 Leeds Liverpool Canal Milepost Canal View
Pill Box and LifeBoat Spencer's Swing Bridge #36 MilePost
 LPool 26 
 Leeds 101¼ Miles
Canal View
Aqueduct 37A Aqueduct 37B Giants Hall
Pill Box Aqueduct 37A Aqueduct 37B Giant's Hall
Cyclist & Cruiser Leeds Liverpool Canal Milepost Site of Bridge  
A cyclist and a cruiser MilePost
 LPool 27 Miles
 Leeds 100¼ Miles
Site of Brick Bridge up to ~1922  

Approaching Parbold by canal gives you one of the most photogenic views on the canal. Although the bridge is a concrete replacement for the original changeline bridge, the trees and sail-less windmill make this a very pretty scene.  An interesting point of canal interest at Parbold is the spur of the canal which is all that remains of the original Parliamentary Line of the canal.

Parbold Canal Windmill Parbold Parbold Windmill
View from Parbold Bridge #37D The Windmill
Parbold Parbold Windmill
Parbold Old Canal Line Rose of Parbold Leeds Liverpool Canal Milepost
Parbold Old Line, Parbold Rose of Parbold MilePost
 Leeds 99¼ Miles
  LPool 28 Miles
Canal at Parbold Chapel House Bridge #39 Chapel House Bridge #39
Canal nr Parbold Chapel House Bridge #39 View East of Chapel House Bridge #39 Gillibrand Bridge #40
Hand Lane Bridge #41 Railway Viaduct Leeds Liverpool Canal Milepost
Hand Lane Bridge #41 Hand Lane Bridge #41 Railway Viaduct  MilePost
 Leeds 98¼ Miles
 LPool 29 Miles
Appley Locks

Appley Locks are the first locks since Liverpool. Boaters had the choice between one deep lock or two shallow locks. At the moment only the deep lock is working. The two shallow locks were built to save water. The emptying upper lock of a boat going downhill could fill the lower filling lock of a boat going uphill. There was once a large house on the island between the two sets of locks, there is little sign of it now, nor the houses that were once in the fields next to the towpath.

Canal at Applely Lock Appley Locks Life on a Lock Lock Gates
Approaching Appley Locks Appley Locks Life on a Lock Lock Gates
Appley Locks Appley Locks Lock Ladder Appley Locks
Shallow Locks at Appley Locks Appley Locks Lock Ladder Overgrown Lock Gates
Water Sensor Appley Lock Nr Appley Bridge Appley Bridge
Water Sensor Appley Locks #91 Between the locks and  the bridge Appley Bridge #42
Appley Bridge

Appley Bridge is a small hamlet which was once quite industrial. Now new housing has replaced the factories.

Appley Bridge Waterfront Appley Bridge
Approaching Appley Bridge The Waters Edge Appley Bridge  MilePost
 Leeds 97¼ Miles
 LPool 30 Miles
Leeds Liverpool Canal at Appley Bridge River Douglas Ranicar's Swing Bridge #44 Fisher's Swing Bridge  #45
Canal at Applely Bridge The River Douglas Ranicar's Swing Bridge #44 (open) Fisher's Swing Bridge #45 (open)
Dean Locks

Next to the lock keepers house at Dean Locks is the remains of the lock which took boats from the canal to the River Douglas. There are two locks on the canal, but only one is still in use. The M6 crosses the canal high above on a viaduct.

Autumn Leaves Leeds Liverpool Canal Leeds Liverpool Canal Milepost Dean Locks #90 Dean Locks #90
Autumn Leaves MilePost
 Leeds 96¼ Miles
 LPool 31 Miles
Dean Locks #90 Dean Locks #90
Winding Gear Locked Gates Dean Lock #90 Ground Paddle
Gate Paddle Gear Locked Lock Disused Lock Ground Paddle
Dean Locks #90 M6 Gathurst Bridge #46 Gathurst Canal
Above Dean Locks #90 M6 Gathurst Bridge #46 Gathurst
Cycle Gate Gathurst Leeds Liverpool Canal Dynamite Railway Leeds Liverpool Canal Gathurst
Cycle Gate Leeds Liverpool Canal at Gathurst Remains of the light railway which crossed the canal from the dynamite factory to t he depot by the River Douglas In the trees on the other side to the towpath are the remains of the dynamite factory
  Crooke Leeds Liverpool Canal Crooke Canal
 Leeds 95¼ Miles
 LPool 32 Miles
  Canal at Crooke Site of Coal Staithe

A side arm of the canal at Crooke once ran straight into a coal mine. The junction with the tunnel branch is now a marina. Railways brought coal from coal mines down to a staithe by the canal to be loaded onto barges. The area around here has suffered from subsidence which may explain why the bridges have had their stone spans replaced with metal spans. Crooke Lock was replaced by Pagefield Lock due to local subsidence. The lock chamber remains but without its gates.

Crooke Canal Crooke Canal Crooke Canal Crooke Canal
Crooke Hall Inn Crooke Hall Inn Crooke in the Rain Reflections at Crooke
Crooke Staithe Crooke Marina Grimshaws Bridge #48 Crooke Lock
Crooke Staithe Crooke Marina Grimshaw's Bridge #48 Crooke Lock (disused)
Crooke Lock History Wall Boundary Stone Wigan Martland Mill Bridge  #49
Crooke Lock Canal Bank Boundary Stone Martland Mill Bridge #49
Leeds Liverpool Canal Milepost Ell Meadow Lock #89 Ell Meadow Lock #89 Ell Meadow Lock #89
 Leeds 94¼ Miles
 LPool 33 Miles
Ell Meadow Lock #89 Disused Ell Meadow Lock #89 Ell Meadow Lock #89
Ell Meadow Lock #89 Ell Meadow Lock #89 JJB Stadium JJB Stadium
Ell Meadow Lock #89 Ell Meadow Lock #89 JJB Stadium from Under Bridge #49A Along the towpath towards the JJB Stadium
Site of Bridge Pagefield Lock #88 Pagefield Lock #88 Pagefield Lock#88
Site of a wooden bridge in the 1800's, removed by 1906. Pagefield Lock #88 Pagefield Lock #88 Pagefield Lock #88
Leeds Liverpool Canal Wigan



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