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City of Liverpool

Dock Link

Stanley Dock Branch

0-3 miles

Bootle to Melling
3-12 miles

Maghull to Burscough
12- 24 miles

Rufford Branch

to Wigan
24 - 34 miles

34 - 37 miles

Leigh Branch

Former Lancaster Canal South

Johnson's Hillock to Cherry Tree
47 - 54 miles

54-59 miles

Towpath Treks


The Leeds & Liverpool Canal

This is a guide to walking or cycling the towpaths of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal which runs 127.25 miles from Liverpool to Leeds. Click the links to the left and right to see the photographs of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. Follow the photos down the page to go from Liverpool to Leeds. You can click on each photo to get a larger image and more information.

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Construction of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal was started in 1770 and the canal was finally completed in 1816. Originally limestone was expected to be the main cargo but coal became the most important cargo and coal carrying continued until the 1970s. The canal linked the textile towns of Blackburn, Burnley, and Bradford to which wool and cotton were imported from the docks at Liverpool. Manufactured goods were transported along the canal and via the port of Liverpool to the whole of the British Empire. Both Leeds and Liverpool have under gone regeneration in recent years and both have a lot to offer visitors.


City of Leeds

127.25 miles

Shipley to Leeds
115 -125 miles

Stockbridge to Shipley
109 -115 miles

Skipton to Riddlesden
99 - 109 miles

Gargrave to Skipton
93 -99 miles

Greenberfield to Gargrave
87- 93 miles

Foulridge to Greenberfield
82-87 miles

Burnley Lane to Foulridge Tunnel
75 -82 miles

71-75 miles

Rishton, Church and Hapton
59 - 71 miles

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