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Canal History: Timeline

Year Canals L&L Canal England World
2010   96 miles of canal closed due to water shortage.    
2009   Liverpool Dock Link Opened, Albatross makes trip to Salthouse dock. Last Woolworths shop closes down. Credit Crunch
Liverpool is the European Capital of Culture  
2007 www.towpathtreks.co.uk launched   Liverpool's 800th Birthday  
2006   Work starts on Canal Dock Link in Liverpool    
2005     Southport FC win inaugural Conference North Championship  
2004       Facebook launched
2001       I graduated from the University of Liverpool again.
1999 The Waterways Trust      
1998       I graduate from the University of Liverpool
1990 Tavistock Canal handed over to National Power
Vauxhall Bridge
1983   IWA Rally at Wigan    
1976     Save All Your Kisses for Me wins Eurovision Song Contest. I was born.
1975   Litherland Lift Bridge replaced with concrete flyover    
1972 IWA Rally at Lymm Coal traffic to Wigan Power Station ends    
1968 Transport Act IWA Rally at Liverpool
L&L classed as a Cruising Waterway, Liverpool to Bootle classed as Remainder.
1965   IWA Rally at Blackburn    
1963 British Waterways Board formed and takes control of the canal network      
1960   Regular commercial traffic over the summit level stops
Last horse drawn boat, Parbold on canal
Pall Mall Basin filled in
1957     John Lennon forms the Quarrymen  
1956     Liverpool Overhead Railway closes  
1953   British Transport Waterways created    
1952     Queen Elizabeth II Coronation  
1948 Canals Nationalised Canal controlled by Docks & Inland Waterways Executive    
1945       End of World War Two
1944 L.T.C. Rolt's Narrow Boat published      
1943   HZ251 War MemorialFlight HZ251 crashes into the bank of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal
23rd September
1941   Pall Mall headquarters bombed May: Liverpool Blitz 4,000 killed  
1940   20 December Canal Breached by bomb in Bankhall    
1939     Britain Declares war on Germany Start of World War Two
1936     King George V dies
King Edward VIII
Abdication Crisis
King George VI
1931     Liverpool population 855,000  
1928   Ninth Leeds & Liverpool Canal Act changes tolls    
1925     Construction of Queensway Tunnel under Mersey begins  
1922   Litherland Lift Bridge built    
1921   Canal Company disposes of its carrying fleet    
1919       Treaty of Versailles
1918     Police Strike in Liverpool Armistice
1917       Russian Revolution
1914     Frank Hornby opens Meccano Factory, Wavertree World War One starts
1911     Liverpool transport strike, gunboats on Mersey  
1910     King George V  
Old Hall Mill, Burnley Lane
Old Hall Mill Burnley
1905   Eighth Leeds & Liverpool Canal Act   Russian Revolution
1904     Construction of Liverpools Anglican Cathedral starts  
1901     Liverpool population 704,000
Death of Queen Victoria
Edward VII becomes king
1900     Southport FC Preston & District League champions  
1893   Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Rates, Tolls, and Charge Order Liverpool Overhead Railway opened  
1892   Seventh Leeds & Liverpool Canal Act alters rates Liverpool FC founded  
1891   Sixth Leeds & Liverpool Canal Act: Winterburn Reservoir    
1886   Clarkes Basin closed Underground railway between Birkenhead and Liverpool opened  
Coat of Arms on Finsley Gate Bridge #130E
1882   Liverpool Basin reconstructed    
1881     University college established in Liverpool Southport FC formed
Audley Bridge #102A
Audley Bridge Blackburn
  Everton FC founded  
Sandhills Bridge
1865       American Civil War Ends
1864   Southern section of Lancaster Canal leased by Leeds & Liverpool Canal Company    
1862     Enrica leaves Liverpool and is renamed CSS Alabama  
Boundary Bridge
Boundary Bridge and Leigh Bridge in Liverpool are rebuilt SS Great Eastern left Liverpool for Quebec with 2000 soldiers and their families. Sent to defend Canada against USA after Trent Affair Feb: Confederate States of America formed
April: American Civil War starts
June: James Dunwoody Bulloch arrives in Liverpool
November: The Trent Affair
1860       Dec: Liverpool resident Charles K Prioleau sends South Carolina a 12 pounder Blakely Rifled Gun
1858     Brunel's SS Great Eastern launched  
1853 Carlisle Canal Closes      
1852     Peak in Liverpool emigration, 299,099 leave on over 1000 sailings  
1851     Great Exhibition  
1850 4,023 miles of canal Canal head office moves to Liverpool    
Ainscoughs Mill
Railway bridge at Burscough
1847     10 Hour Factory Act
Liverpool has highest death rate in Britain
300,000 Irish immigrants land in Liverpool
1846   Stanley Dock Branch opens    
1843     Brunel's SS Great Britain launched  
1841     Great Western Railway completed  
1840 4,003 miles of canal      
1838     Brunel's SS Great Western crosses Atlantic  
1837     Queen Victoria crowned
The first Grand National steeplechase run at Aintree
1830 3,875 miles of canal   King William IV
Liverpool - Manchester railway opened
1829     Stephenson's Rocket completes trials  
1826     Menai Bridge built by Thomas Telford  
1825     Stockton-Darlington Railway completed by Stephenson  
1824       Jesse Hartley appointed as Liverpool's dock surveyor
1823 Carlisle Canal Opens      
1820 3,691 miles of canal Leigh branch opens Death of George III
Coronation of George IV
1819 Mill Hill Branch of Tavistock Canal completed
Carlisle Canal Act passed
5th Leeds & Liverpool Canal Act First Factory Act  
1817 Tavistock Canal completed      
Junction Bridge
Rufford Branch
Completed Leeds & Liverpool Canal Opened    
1815       Battle of Waterloo
1814       British burn Washington
1813       East India Company's monopoly in India and China abolished.
USA invades Canada
1812       War with USA
1811     Regency Period: Prince of Wales regent due to King George III's insanity  
Ewood Aqueduct
Ewood Aqueduct

3,456 miles of canal
Leeds & Liverpool Canal opened Henfield to Blackburn

Agreement with Lancaster Canal over southern section
1809   Leigh Branch Bill fails    
1807 Public meeting proposes Carlisle Canal     Slave Trade abolished in British Empire
1805 Grand Junction Canal completed Rufford Branch extended to Tarleton   Nelson Victorious at Trafalgar
1804       War with Spain
1803 Construction of Tavistock Canal started     War with Napoleonic France
1802 Newcastle to Mary Port Canal proposed      
1801   Leeds & Liverpool Canal opened Burnley to Henfield Liverpool population 77,000  
1800 3,074 miles of canal   Act of Union Britain and Ireland  
1799 Southern Section of Lancaster Canal opened Haigh to Wheelton   Income Tax introduced Liverpool ships carry over 45,000 slaves from Africa
1798       Nelson victorious at the Nile
Top Lock Cottages
Cottages at the Top Lock of the Rufford Branch
1796   Leeds & Liverpool Canal opened to Burnley, Foulridge Tunnel completed   War with Spain, French invasion of Ireland attempted
1795     Food shortages and riots War with Holland
1794   Fourth Leeds & Liverpool Canal Act changes line in East Lancashire    
1793   Bill changing the line of the canal fails Liverpool empowered to issue its own banknotes War with Revolutionary France
1792 Lancaster Canal Act passed Clarkes Basin built Old Hall Street    
Construction re-starts west of Gargrave
Lock house at Bank Newton built
1790 2,223 miles of canal Third Leeds & Liverpool Canal Act changes line of canal First imports of raw cotton arrive from West Indies to Liverpool  
1783   Second Leeds & Liverpool Canal Act allows River Douglas Navigation to be bought   American independence
1781   Douglas Navigation closed.
Rufford Branch to Sollom lock opens.
  Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown
1780 2,091 miles of canal Leeds & Liverpool Canal opened Gathurst to Wigan   Holland declares war on Great Britain
1779 John Taylor born 22 August     Spain declares war on Great Britain
1778       France declares War on Great Britain
1777   Leeds & Liverpool Canal opened between Shipley to Leeds
Work on mainline stops as capital runs out
1776       American Declaration of Independence
1775     Liverpool seamen attack Town Hall in wage protest American War of Independence
1774 Leeds & Selby Canal Bill and Settle Canal Bill fail Leeds & Liverpool Canal opened between Liverpool and Gathurst, Skipton to Gargrave, Bradford to Shipley and Bingley. Bingley 5 and 3 Rise locks completed.    
1773 Bridgewater Canal completed to Runcorn Leeds & Liverpool Canal opens between Bingley and Skipton Turnpike Act Boston Tea Party
1772 Liverpool Canal Bill for canal between Liverpool and Wigan fails.      
1771 Bradford Canal Act      
1770 1,617 miles of canal Leeds & Liverpool Canal Act passed with route via Colne, Whalley, Walton-le-Dale and Parbold    
1769   Canal route via Burnley and Blackburn suggested James Watt's patent for steam engine granted  
1768   First Lancashire canal meeting    
1767   Planned canal route is Leeds to Liverpool    
1766   Public meeting in Bradford, subscription opened    
1765   Leeds to Preston Canal proposed    
1762       War with Spain
Havana captured by British
1761 Bridgewater Canal completed Worsely to Manchester      
1760 1,398 miles of canal in England ad Wales   Death of George II
King George III Crowned
1758 Bridgewater Canal Started      
1756       Seven Year War with France
1755 Sankey Navigation Cut      
1746       Battle of Culloden, Jacobites defeated
Kilts banned
1744       French invasion of England fails due to storms
1740     River Aire freezes for 4 months  
1739       War with Spain
1736 Mersey & Irwell Navigation opened      
House Date Stone
  Death of George I Accession of George II  
1721     Wearing of calico banned  
1720   River Douglas Navigation Act Passed   South Sea Bubble Crisis
1719       War with Spain, Attempted Spanish invasion
1717     Isaac Newton's Opticks  
1715     Liverpool's wet dock completed Jacobite rising in Scotland
1714     Death of Queen Anne Succession of George I  
1712   Proposal for River Douglas Navigation    
1708       War of Spanish Succession, Failed French invasion.
1707     Union of England and Scotland  
1704       Gibraltar captured by British and Dutch
1702     Death of William III Succession of Queen Ann  
1701     Act of Settlement  
1700     Liverpool population 5,000  



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